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Super in More Ways Than One

CONVERSATIONS With Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star)

Ini ada artikel wawancara suju dengan artis filipina Ricky Lo… mian klo artinya aneh, agak ngantuk soalnya bikinnya hehe~ yuk diliat…


Wawancara Yamaha Fino (8-01-2010)

Super Junior appeared with informal clothes and greeting very friendly with the reporter.
“Hello we are Super Junior!”
△ When you go to here. is there any special ?
Leetuek : This time that we go to Thailand because we will filming the advertisement and also will keep the picture and memory from Thailand too.
△ Have you ever seen both of your advertisement? How do you feel? Do you talk about this with your other member?
Leetuek : Yes, I’ve seen it. In Korea, netizens had uploaded both of advertisement on internet too. My friend is very jealously.
△ How did you feel that you had been to Thailand for filming the advertisement and you had ridden the Fino (motorcycle) on the mountain? (They mean Old advertisement)
Donghae : Thailand’s natural is very beautiful and I feel very funny when I rode the Fino on the mountain. If I have more chance I’ll ride it on the beach too.

△ How did you feel about that you rode the Fino on the beach? Do you want to taste for ride it on the mountain?
: Yeah, I feel very happy. I feel like I’m the actor from some movie.
△ And you guys, where do you want to ride the Fino on?
Shindong : I want to ride the Fino from Thailand to go to Korea.
Eunhyuk : Like Shindong but I want to ride it for go to the E.L.F ’s house too.
Leetuek : I want to ride it for go to the E.L.F. ’s heart.
△ Siwon, How did you feel that you often went to Thailand for filming the advertisement.
Siwon : The other members were jealously. They said they want to go to Thailand too. For me I want to make it to be success.
△ Have you ever seen Thai ride the Fino? How do you feel?
Eunhyuk : When we go to anywhere in Thailand, we always see Thai E.L.F. ride the Fino follow me everytime.
Leetuek : Now I feel The Fino is very popular, then has some band copy the Fino. So Real Fino is Fino!
Shindong : อย่าเลียนแบบนะครับ (Don’t copy) (Say as Thai language)
Eunhyuk : ดีมาก (Very good) (Say as Thai language)

△ If you don’t go to Thailand for filming the advertisement, what will you do?
Leetuek : Maybe live in Korea, sit and think that “When will we have the chance to go to Thailand for filming again?”
Eunhyuk : I’m sadly in Korea too.
Shindong : I will go to Thailand with myself.
Donghae : If I wouldn’t have filiming on 2010’s new year. 2010 is the year that very sad for me.
Shindong : อย่าเลียนแบบนะครับ (Don’t copy) (Say as Thai language)
Siwon : No way. However I will must filming the advertisement.
△ All your songs, which’s your the most like?
Leeteuk : Maybe ‘ Sorry Sorry ‘ because I feel it’s very popular for E.L.F. and it’s on the chart too. The song that E.L.F. love, I’ll love too.
△ Have many Thai go to Korea, could you advise the place that can travel in Korea?
Eunhyuk: My radio station. It’s the place that can meet we’re on air, don’t be miss it.

△ Try to say Thai language.
Shindong : อย่าเลียนแบบนะครับ (Don’t copy.)
Eunhyuk : ขี่ฟีโน่รถไม่ติด (Ride Fino, won’t be jam.)
Siwon : มองไฟหน้าชั้น My Fino (Look at my headlights, My fino)
Donghae : ฟีโน่มาหานะเธอ (Fino come to you, dear.)
Leeteuk : ฟีโน่เจิดมาก ฟีโน่ของผมเป็นฟิตเนสเคลื่อนที่ (Fino is so cool. My Fino is moving fitness.)
Eunhyuk : ดีมาก (Very good.)
△ How do you feel that you’ve been the Fino’s presenter.
Leeteuk : I’m very happy that I’m one in Fino. We’ve worked with Fino for very long. I wish there will be Fino and Super Junior forever!
△ Say deposit your work with Thai E.L.F. .
Leeteuk : My name is Fino, My father is Yamaha
Donghae: I wish everyone will have more love with Fino in new year. My gift that I want is ride the Fino with E.L.F to go to everywhere in Thailand.
Siwon : Being the Fino’s presenter because of E.L.F. Because they give us the loving. So I will do the well work forever. I wish you everyone have a happiness and good healthy.
Eunhyuk : I want to have been with Fino forever.
Shindong : มีความสุขไหมครับ พวกเราก็มีความสุขครับ (Are you happy, we are happy!) (Say as Thai language)
So Leeteuk says they will come back with all SJ’s member in ‘Motor Show’ that will start at March 2010.
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Translated by sonethloveshizz @ sj-world.net