[110917/TW] Kyuhyun’s Twitter Update

[TRANS ENG] @GaemGyu : @bibarijy2094 Ah….. It defies the imagination, don’t know who make a story of cattle…. Ah, I would also like to say some constructive words, what is the real of this…… What is…… ㅜㅜ What’s in The Three Musketeers… Whay what… Really feel sorry to disappoint you. Kk


 [TRANS ENG]   @GaemGyu : @poimin73 Meeting?? Three Musketeers?? I have shooting schedule on that day, may not went there.. wu


Source : @GaemGyu (Kyuhyun’s Twitter)
Trans Eng By : @TaiwanLuvSJ


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