[110203/BIRTHDAY] Happy Birthday @GaemGyu ♥

Because today is so special. it really would do
to send one simple birthday wish
to last the whole year through
So this wishes happy moments and a year that’s filled with all the things that meaningful the most to you

Happy Birthday Cho Kyuhyun _♥

May your birthday bring you as much happiness
You are always so special
You should know today that you are wished the nicest things
A year that brings the best of everything your way
And many dreams come true, not only on your Special Day
but always – all life through ♥
Happy Birthday to You
Cho Kyuhyun ♥

9 Komentar (+add yours?)

  1. tomomikazuko13
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 22:21:24

    Lucu gambarnya 😀
    ikutan ngucapin juga ah.
    saengil chukhae Kyu
    modu dangsineul wihae choeseoneul giwonhabnida prince!


  2. Carrie Cho
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 22:38:59

    selamat ulang taun, uri Kyuhyunnie 🙂 semoga kamu selalu dapat yang terbaik /amiin, mempunyai keluarga yang menyayangimu, hyung-hoobaemu yang selalu ada untukmu, dan … semoga kamu dapat jodoh yang bisa mengerti kamu, Kyu.

    selalu jaga kesehatanmu, ELF… ELF… ELF im proud to be part of them ^^ uri @GaemGyu SAENGIL CHUKAE HAMNIDA!!


  3. kyudei
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 00:00:02

    happy birthday cho kyuhyun ! all the best for you ! ;*
    i just wanna see you again 😀 #gaemgyuday
    aku gk mau jd org pertama yg cinta km tp aku mau jd yg terakhir buat tetep setia jd ELF 🙂


  4. Nunu_KYU
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 06:39:21

    Saengil chukahamnida uri cho kyuhyun oppa.. Jeongmall saranghaeyo..
    Wish u all the best, sukses selalu dalam karirnya, selalu sehat,dan selalu ingat kepada Tuhan, tambah sayang sama omma,appa,noona,hyung,ELF yah kyu..oke! ^^ happy birthday @GaemGyu oppa!!


  5. kyunina
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 10:39:12

    saengil chukkka hamnida kyuhyun oppa wish u all the best…
    we always love you
    dari istrimu
    *digampar* wkwkw ^^
    suatu hari nanti ak berharap bsa ngucpin ini langsung ke oppa*kayanya cma bsa d mimpi *T.T


  6. 0101eaa
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 19:05:38

    happiiiiiiiiiiiii bdayyyyy
    happiiiiiiiiiiiii bdayyyyy
    *love u 4ever oppa


  7. yaya
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 13:37:42

    slamat ultah yg 24 tuk oppa, selalu di lindungi tuhan di mana oppa berada yesus cinta kita, cinta yesus tidak akan berubah sampe kapan pun jga cinta ku pada oppa, datang dong….. ke indonesia di ss4


  8. bella
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 14:28:18

    happy birthday
    i love you
    Today is a special day. This is the first day of 2011, 1 st New Year. And also the day an angel was born. Angel was named Jo Kyuhyun – perfect pieces last immortal number 13.
    Date 3/2/1988 cries greet him take (make that song was his first)
    Date 3/2/2011 3/2/1988 on right wing for 23 years. That means he is now 23 years old, then what’s getting old …
    ELF is we can not forget the day we k0 24/05/2006, finishing on the number 13 forever. At first many fans not like floating the name of this turtle, named because it was inherently corrupt of the 12 beautiful daring just add 1. But after a time (short) he is becoming a magnet piece fierce fan. Maybe because he is young, beautiful singing him anymore. But more important is the heart he always loved you millions of people he loved you, love you SJ. Grass love him very much, so she’ll call him … he is
    Unfortunately for grass damage to Super Junior k0 bik earlier, but if the grass bik SJ in 2007, the firm lost scattered grass. Since 2007 Super Junior in car accident and he Kyu is the most serious injuries. The doctor said surgery was successful although the chances of his life just 20% only. How did he have to lose her voice if you want to continue to exist in the world … But like a miracle, like a miracle. A doctor was holding him back from death’s hand, was lucky that his father has used its best to keep singing for him even though he was opposed to him to sing. Perhaps he injured his heaven, his family business, trade SJ, trade ELF should have him continue to breathe, to continue singing … the prayer of his family, super junior, millions and millions of ELF brought a miracle. If k0, Turtle life has really put an end at age 19. If the grass can not k0 bik to SJ then.
    Grass is just one of millions of small consumer goods like him. Grass can not write the Sayings of him as millions and millions of other kids. She can not scream that I love you for saying it so much she told him then, grass can only remain in the hearts alone. But her love for him k0 inferior to anyone of the house. Kyuhyun love grass, grass very much loved SuJu bik … But she also lost her stupid. Bik to her first love feeling a need to get back where k0, that this love we are never bik. The first time she saw the importance of language like that ……… really very sad, very sad ………. k0 bik ELF sad how many grass children.
    Well today is special, the most important day in the life of the person you love most. Maybe he is now submerged ball in the pile too much, make know he is now happier than ever Children, also had to quit, then who k0 birthday but happy. But grass is different. Bik day that he has found most painful is the grass any day k0? how he was instead bik … on grass that is available in this life ….
    K0 k0 happy to talk anymore, because today it should have a few special words to the wind to send Kyu nè
    Add a new age, youngest child of grass will always cheerful, happy, love life, more handsome and singing. Wish she quit the nickname “king of bad dancing” anymore. Then nothing great, but getting old and rather k0, do not you guys too much bullying, but if k0 bullied him, what must the character of our house with all Kyu he is also very sad if one day there the joke of Kyu. Well, remember to eat more vegetables and more vegetables that are good for health. Nè remembered wellness, do not sick anymore … well that k0 is way too late just because gaming is not listening.
    Let every soul be cute like every ball breeze – her youngest loveliest pop. I wish she did not know anything today, but there are millions and millions of other ELF want to send all best wishes for most in this world.
    When you love someone what they need to bik, where necessary to say I love you so many questions, where necessary to get back just heart …………… large enough to contain them all happy, sad, pain, pain of love, just someone you love is happy, happy, just in my heart with it, right k0 him …… ……………………………..?
    … Listen to songs you’re playing. Sweet voice, his warm up there are echoes of this, I have not felt the baby.
    Italy, forgot what he told This way: Despite a number of people, chiw a number only. Whether they like me then k0 k0 well be this sad, k0 k0 they are crying like this … he is also their only loss. Stay true to yourself only, k0 for anyone, not because anything that presses itself must change. Be yourself because lun is the best.
    Sometimes, life tease us, give us your all suffering, making it difficult stress, hurts us, makes us so down, weak and helpless …. the only thing we have can do is share – for the one you most trust. Do not hold in the hearts nhé. When weak heart can cry but never would he feel weak heart. You guys do not ever cry then, let the tears of happiness rolling trim on ……………… if only he will suffer the pain ELF suffer twice so never hurts. Please guys remember this:
    If one day all the world like blue jade k0, the ELF will hate all colors
    If one day the whole world betrayed Super Junior ELF would betray the whole world.
    Super Junior from Leeteuk begins and ends with ELF, ELF has always stood for Kyuhyun.
    PLEASE DO THE SAME TIME BI sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kuy time, sing some songs with OPPA HAPPY BABY details for EM TO LIGHT
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday
    Happy birthday
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    Thank Angle, because he gave me all damages or nè, emotional stories of personal attachment loss fun and thank you for giving your children the best ELF damage as she hakiu ni nà … (she is reading, huh?)
    I love you forever FOREVER …………………. ………………….. …………..
    Despite the group now works with 10 members but the number 13 – the youngest of lun Kyu will live forever in the hearts of the ELF, which will remain forever in …….
    Kyu nè Arabia, only single year that only 25 years old home, worried that finding a perfect addition to your offline
    As well as other oppa so then.
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday
    Happy birthday
    Happy birthday to you
    Bik Italy without travel is like in South Vietnam Children ………………………..? k0


  9. wipapron
    Mei 11, 2011 @ 12:25:39



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